Reconfigure Mysql Server Data File with SELINUX in mind!

This problem occur when we try to change datadir from default setting to other directory in my.cnf file. This is because SELINUX prevent root user to change even we (root user) can change iy in my.cnf file.

Step 1 – Configure your mysql server

bash#>service mysqld stop
bash#>mkdir /DATA/mysql/
bash#>chown mysql:mysql /DATA/mysql
bash#>mv /var/lib/mysql/* /DATA/mysql/
bash#>vi /etc/my.cnf

datadir=/var/lib/mysql à datadir=/DATA/mysql
socket=/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock à socket=/DATA/mysql/mysql.sock

Step 2 – Configure your SELINUX to accept your configuration. Usually SELINUX is active by default installation.

Step2a-Test [semanage] program available.


If the command return “Command not found”. You have to install “semanage” first. Please go to Step2b. If not,please proceed with Step 2c

Step2b – Install “semanage”

bash#>yum whatprovides /usr/sbin/semanage

Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, refresh-packagekit, security
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
 * base:
 * extras:
 * updates:
policycoreutils-python-2.0.83-19.18.el6.x86_64 : SELinux policy core python utilities
Repo        : base
Matched from:
Filename    : /usr/sbin/semanage

bash#>yum -y install policycoreutils-python

Repeat Step2a

Step2c – Configure SELINUX to accept your settings

bash#>semanage fcontext -a -t mysqld_db_t "/DATA/mysql(/.*)?"
bash#>restorecon -Rv /srv/mysql

Step3 – configure your client to refer to different mysql socket

As default, Mysql Client point to /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock. Change or Add this by editing /etc/my.cnf (using your vi editor)

bash#>vi /etc/my.cnf

socket = /DATA/mysql/mysql.sock

Step4 – Start your server

bash#>service mysqld start

Step5 – Configure your php webserver (if your webserver same machine and same OS with database server only)

Edit /etc/php.ini

bash#>vi /etc/php.ini

Change mysql.default_socket = /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock à mysql.default_socket = /DATA/mysql/mysql.sock.

Don’t forget to restart your web server

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